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Saltwater aquarium fish

Saltwater (marine) fish are historically more difficult to maintain than freshwater fish, and the variety of species available for the home aquarium are significantly more expensive. Thus, marine fish keepers (aquarists) are usually more experienced in the art of aquarium maintenance and fish monitoring, having started off keeping freshwater fish before embarking on the challenge of maintaining a marine environment.

Marine life forms are exceedingly beautiful - their bright colors varied shapes are quite enchanting.  It is very important to remember however, that marine tank conditions require a much more delicate chemical, temperature and pH balance than do fresh-water aquaria, and must be carefully monitored on a strict schedule.

Tank mate compatibility is crucial to a successful and healthy saltwater aquarium. Incompatible species will increase stress in the tank which could result in disease and loss of your beautiful pets. Consult a knowledgeable fish retailer at your aquarium supply store or consult charts (available online) when selecting fish and other marine species that will be cohabitating. 

RightPet can help take the mystery out of choosing the right fish and other marine life to include in your aquarium. Please take a few moments to recommend the marine life you have owned.

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