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User profile: I adopted a 3 yar old Sorrel Gelding Mustang from a private owner who was giving him away for free.. Ungentled and afraid of people I made him a brother to my 26 year old Chestnut Arabian mare.......I had him gentled by a great gentler here in New Jersey.. Know anyone who needs a good mustang trainer have we a great woman for the job.. email me........Married to a non horselover and 3 childre 1 daughter 2 sons.. still the only horselover now especially Mustangs and Arabians.....and any gentle horse
Patty NJ

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Awesome pleasures of My Mustang
Posted September 16, 2009 17:26
Definitely loves to learn, friendly, loves other horses as company...............Loves to be brushed and walked and loves to be bought out of pen and graze.. respectful of personal space
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