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User profile: We began raising heritage breed poultry in 2002. Currently we raise Dominiques, Silkies and Narragansett turkeys. We also raise Silver Fox rabbits, which are a rare heritage breed of rabbit. We also have two Mustang horses and an American Paint Horse.

As far as house pets, we have a German Shepherd Dog and a Pit Bull Terrier. We also have two tortoiseshell DLH cats, and two African clawed frogs.
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Review of Livestock / poultry species > Dominique Chicken
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Dominique - America's Oldest Breed
Posted March 09, 2010 20:54
The Dominique chicken has been raised since colonial times and make an excellent homestead or backyard chicken. They have a very friendly and mellow disposition, can handle cold very well, and are good layers of brown eggs. Due to their cuckoo c...
Review of Small / Exotic mammal breeds > Silver Fox Rabbit
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Silver Fox
Posted March 09, 2010 20:33
Silver Fox rabbits are known as the "teddy bears" of the rabbit world. The females can weigh up to 12 lbs, and they are considered a meat breed. They are rated "Critical" on the ALBC rare breeds list. Although a large breed, Silver Fox rabbits m...
Review of Horse breeds > Miniature Horse
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Miniature Horses
Posted March 09, 2010 20:22
Minis are all-around great horses. Great pets, good for driving, carrying young children, and halter/in-hand.
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