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User profile: My name is Peter. I have been raised since birth to love animals, and I do- very much. As a child, I always wished to have some sort of pet for my own. My partents owned two elderly cats- a black cat and a brown tabby. They were friendly and affectionate, but not very active. After they passed away, my family and I were lonely with no animal companionship. One day when I came home from school, two weeks after our second cat, I found that my father had bought a small black cat. He was friendly and enjoyed being pet, but hated being picked up. Our next pet was a beagle walker hound cross- one of the most stubborn dogs that ever lived. Next we went through a whole aquarium of goldfish and guppies. Eventually I bought a leopard gecko, a beautiful but shy lizard. I move...
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Review of Amphibian species > Golden Poison Frog
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Cute, Bold, Smart, and Friendly
Posted October 10, 2011 08:36
Review of Amphibian species > Blue Poison Frog
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Basic Tips
Posted September 15, 2011 14:36
Dendrobates azureus are some of the friendliest frogs in the world. Outgoing and sociable, they like to approach the glass and examine passerby. Although they shouldn't be touched, they can be interacted with nonetheless. Sometimes they go out o...
Review of Amphibian species > Green and Black Poison Frog
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A few tips
Posted September 01, 2011 07:53
Auratus might seem to be relatively simple to keep. Well, they are easy to keep- if you know what your getting into. They require minimal ventilation and high humidity. Therefore, they should be given a completely glass vivarium with an opening ...
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Saggitarius, one of my two males.
Saggitarius, one of my two males.
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