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Beaumont Exotic Animal Rescue (B.E.A.R.)

Private Facility
Beaumont, Texas 77705
United States
(409) 679-8288
NEWS - Caring for Parrorts, Primates, Exotic Felines, Kinkajou, Coatimundi, Genet, Prairie Dogs, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Opossums, Squirrels, Chipmunk, African Cusimanse and a wide variety of Reptiles!

Our mission is to provide enriching services that promote awareness and help alleviate animal cruelty through instilling the value of our wildlife and environment.

Company Overview
Beaumont Exotics is fully dedicated to improving the lives of animals by providing complete care through regular Veterinary Treatment, Nutritious Zoological Diets, Spacious Enclosures, Environmental Enhancement and Training Through Positive Reinforcement.

Through these proactive animal encounters we strive to inspire future conservation efforts and RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP. Our staff have been responsibly caring for exotic and native wildlife in the state of Texas under the supervision of our Veterinarians for over 10 years. Our animals consist of non releasable wildlife, unwanted pets, and captive bred animals. Our handlers include Veterinary Technicians, licensed volunteer Wildlife Rehabilitators, state permitted (Texas Parks & Wildlife) and federally (U.S.D.A.) licensed individuals....

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Information provided by this business
Adoption fee?
Provide health evaluation by a veterinarian?
Provide info on care / training of new pet?
Provide post-adoption care if needed?
Requirements for adopting
Home visit
Typical adoption time
1 - 4 weeks
3+ months

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