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Bells Hinge-back Tortoise

Bells Hinge-back Tortoise

Species group:

Other name: Bell’s Hingeback Tortoise; Bell's Tortoise; African Hinge-back Tortoise; Western Bell's Hinge-back Tortoise (K. belliana nogueyi); Southeastern Bell's Hinge-back (K. belliana zombensis)

Scientific name: Kinixys belliana

Range/Habitat: The Bell’s Hinge-back Tortoise is native to parts of southern Africa, usually in savannah type habitats. The Bells Hinge-back Tortoise is a member of the Kinixys genus of turtles (known as hinged tortoises). The hinged tortoises are have a hinged carapace that allows the rear of their shell to close to protect their hind feet and tail. There are three subspecies in the Kinixys belliana family:

  • Bells Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys belliana belliana)
  • Western Bell's Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys belliana nogueyi)
  • Southeastern Bell's Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys belliana zombensis)

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    First I want to say, hingebacks are my passion, so my...
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