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Yorkshire Pig

Yorkshire Pig

Other name(s):
 Large White Pig;
English Large White; Yorkshire Swine;
American Yorkshire Pig; Canadian
Yorkshire Pig; Australian Yorkshire Pig;
Australian Large White Pig

Scientific name: Sus domestica

Country / Place of origin: England

History: The Yorkshire Pig originated in Yorkshire, England and today is one of the most numerous of all commercial pig breeds. Known as the Large White Pig in the United Kingdom, the Yorkshire Pig is widely used around the world for commercial meat production and crossbreeding.

According to the British Pig Association, "The Large White was one of the original founder breeds of the National Pig Breeders' Association (now known as the British Pig Association) and the first herdbook was published in 1884. The Large White has proved itself as a rugged and hardy breed that can withstand variations in climate and other environmental factors. Their ability to cross with and improve other breeds has given them a leading role in commercial pig production systems and breeding pyramids around the world."

Owners say:
lean meat hog, great commercial pig, intelligent, steady growth rate, gentle pig, 4H
escape artist, electric fence, uterine prolapse, sunburn, heat stroke
freerange animals, litter sizes, electronic collars, 4H pigs, great breeding pig
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Pigs are mainly used for marketing purposes but recen...
Review by: pollardr11 (1) 13 days ago
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Our yorkshire pigs were raised in the 1990s, when the...
Review by: jonellemace (3) 20 days ago
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These pigs are friendly and generally easy to take ca...
Review by: AR (0) October 29, 2015 12:26
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We started raising these pigs quite some time ago and...
Review by: absilverthorn (8) October 08, 2015 07:29
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This is the most common breed in New Zealand, where w...
Review by: Christina_ruth (19) September 18, 2015 23:00
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Large White Sow and her piglets
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