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Poitou Donkey

Poitou Donkey

Other name(s):
 Baudet de Poitou; Poitou Ass;
Poitevin Donkey

Scientific name: Equus africanus asinus

Country / Place of origin: France

History: The Poitou Donkey is a breed of donkey originating in the Poitou region of France. One of the most distinctive donkey breeds, it is also among the rarest and least-known. As with many ancient breeds, the origins of the Baudet de Poitou are somewhat obscure. The Roman Empire is said to have introduced the donkey and the practice of mule breeding to the Poitou region of France from which the Baudet de Poitou takes its name.

According to the Northwest Poitou Donkey Institute, "From only 44 animals (worldwide) counted in 1977, there are now an estimated 400 to 600 pure and part-bred animals in the world today. These numbers are growing due to the concerted efforts of the French government and French breeders, as well as breeders in the United States, England, and Australia." Male Poitou Donkeys are called "Baudet", and females are called "Anesse".

Owners say:
good protective animal, neighborhood attraction, rare donkeys, Great personalities
stubborn behaviour
winter fur, strong animal
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3.4 (3)
Donkeys may seem similar to horses but are very diffe...
Review by: Twiggy (7) December 12, 2014 13:09
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Jezebelle and her sister, Riza, came to the sanctuary...
Review by: paintedzipper (60) June 05, 2014 11:43
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The Poitou donkey is an amazing donkey, half hairy an...
Review by: baudetsdubreuil (1) April 30, 2012 09:16
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Habitat (1 video)
Poitou in snow
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Care / Feeding (2 videos)
Poitou donkey being driven at Fete De L'ane
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Poitous at Dampierre Sur Boutonne, France
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Learn About (4 videos)
Poitous Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary
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Poitou Donkey, 2 hours old
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Philadelphia Zoo New Poitou Donkeys
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