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Mangalitsa Pig

Mangalitsa Pig

Other name(s):
 Mangalitza Pig; Mangalica Pig;
Wooly Pig; Curly Hair Hog; Curly Coated Pig

Scientific name: Sus domestica

Country / Place of origin: Hungary

History: The Mangalitsa Pig is a European unimproved breed from Hungary and the Balkans that is descended directly from wild boar populations. The Mangalitsa is classified as an extreme "lard-type" pig breed, which, unlike "meat-type" pig breeds, produces a very fat and marbled meat.

In March 2006, 17 Mangalitza (UK spelling) were imported from Austria into the UK. These are registered with the British Pig Association (BPA) and the pedigrees are being maintained on the BPA Mangalitza Herd Book. In August 2006, Wooly Pigs, an American company, imported a herd from Austria to the United States.

Owners say:
high quality meat, Mangalista meat
muddy environment, eastern Europe, vegetable scraps, Pigs The Curly, Hungary
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Maybe I did not mention before, but I am from Serbia ...
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The Curly Coated pig looks very similar to the Mangal...
Review by: jane459 (2) June 11, 2013 09:42
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Care / Feeding (3 videos)
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Farm that breeds Mangalica Pigs, Hungary
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Mangalica sow taking care to avoid pig...
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