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Mammoth Jack Donkey

Other name(s):
 Mammoth Jackstock;
Mammoth Donkey; Jack Stock;
American Mammoth Jackstock;
American Mammoth Donkey

Scientific name: Equus africanus asinus

Country / Place of origin: United States

History: Considered the world’s largest breed of Donkey, the Mammoth Jack Stock was developed
in the United States to sire Mules (a cross of horses
and donkeys) and breed large, strong, and viable animals for draft and transportation. Selective crossbreeding of large European and Spanish breeds (such as the Andalusian, Catalonian, Maltese, and Poitou) with native American and Mexican breeds gave rise to the modern Mammoth Jack Donkey.

The American Mammoth Jackstock Registry was created in 1888 to standardize the breed.

Owners say:
nature sweet, personalities mammoth jennets, outstanding riding mules
training, tricky, obedient donkey
true wither donkeys, Horse training techniques, Several Breed Registries
Overall review
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4.8 (9)
We received Sam ( A Mammoth Jack Donkey) from someone...
Review by: Iamangel (12) 25 days ago
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2 photos
Molly is my wife's pet and is used for grass eating. ...
Review by: jtwilliams1031 (6) updated June 02, 2014 21:03
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Donkey Whisper
Looking for more information on owning donkeys, mammo...
Review by: Donkey Whisper (0) April 30, 2013 10:32
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We are 2 sisters that are older but wanted to get bac...
Review by: JODY (0) updated February 03, 2012 11:17
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We have always kept both standard and miniature donke...
Review by: MiniMoos (5) September 16, 2011 11:50
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Care / Feeding (2 videos)
Birds eye view riding a Mammoth Donkey
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Mammoth Donkey bossed by little donks
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Learn About (2 videos)
Really Dun It Mammoth Jack Stallion 20...
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Gaited mammoth Donkey
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