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Leicester Longwool Sheep

Leicester Longwool Sheep

Other name(s):
 English Leicester; Bakewell Leicester; Dishley Leicester; Improved Leicester; New Leicester

Scientific name: Ovis aries

Country / Place of origin: England

History: English Leicester sheep are a breed which
were developed by Robert Bakewell in the English Midlands in the 1700's. The breed was developed to gain weight quickly and to be fast growing. The English Leicester has been used to improve many sheep breeds because of its meaty carcass and heavy fleece. It is one of the few sheep breeds that is considered to be "pure".

The English Leicester is currently found in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the US. Leicester Sheep are now one of Britain's rarest breeds, categorized as "endangered" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust because there are fewer than 500 registered breeding females in the United Kingdom.

Owners say:
beautiful long curls, high lustre greasy, wonderful fleece, fast lamb growth, pretty white faces
bit flighty, flightier breeds Cheviots
shorter legs, heavy fleece
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We bought an older flock from another couple in Michi...
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Setting the Handpiece for Shearing (Sh...
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Condition Scoring Sheep with Adam Henson
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