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Koeyoshi Longcrower Chicken

Other name(s):
 Koeyoshi Long Crower;
Koeyoshi Long-Crower

Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesitcus

Country / Place of origin: Japan

History: The Koeyoshi Long Crower is a breed of long crower gamefowl created in Japan in the 1700's. The Koeyoshi Longcrower was created by crossing and backcrossing Shamo Chickens and the Tomaru longcrowers. This gave the Koeyoshi the longest crowing sound of all chickens (up to 25 seconds have been recorded). The Koeyoshi has a deep long crow made from a closed beak.

They are ultimately descended from the Indonesian Ayam Pelung long crower, and their green junglefowl ancestry means that they are not very fecund. Many eggs are sterile and a large number of eggs need to be hatched to gain birds that develop to maturity. The breed is also highly inbred and and there has been some recent outbreeding with the Shamo to try and improve the genetics.

The Koeyoshi breed was introduce to Britain and Germany in the 1980s and now there is a British standard for the breed. They have long tail feathers and are not as upright as other gamefowl, unless they have recently been outbred with Shamo.

In Japanese, Koeyoshi means 'beautiful voice'. They are a show breed, specifically bred for crowing competitions. Formally, they are classed as a Heavy, Rare, Malayoid Soft feather Long Crower.


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