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Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Duck

Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Duck

Other name(s):
 Golden Hybrid

Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos domesticus

Country / Place of origin: United States

History: The Golden 300 Hybrid Duck is a crossbred, "sex-link" duck developed by U.S. poultry breeder Metzer Farms. According to Metzer Farms, "In 1996 we developed the Golden 300 Hybrid as they lay more and larger eggs than the Khaki Campbell duck and have a calmer temperament with a higher fertility...we developed the Golden 300 Hybrid by crossing and utilizing the attributes of different duck breeds."

"The Golden 300 Hybrid can be sexed at any age by its color as the males are shades of black and the females are shades of brown. Unfortunately, they do not retain this characteristic in future generations. Their progeny will hatch in blacks, yellows and browns with no relationship between sex and color. Some of our customers wanted a white bird that laid as well as the Golden 300 Hybrid. In 1999 we developed the White Layer to meet this demand. The production of these two birds is identical on our farm."

Owners say:
high quality eggs, new hybrid superlayers, working breed, extraordinarily prolific duck
little flighty
fantastic blown eggs, delicious mayonnaise
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Golden 300 ducks lay eggs - lots and lots of eggs. I...
Review by: fraasch (2) 9 days ago
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Rachel Lynn Mattingly
I currently own 3 female Golden 300 Hybrid ducks, who...
Review by: Rachel Lynn Mattingly (6) updated June 03, 2010 20:41
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