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Finnish Landrace Chicken

Other name(s):
 Suomalainen Maatiaiskana

Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus

Country / Place of origin: Finland

History: The Finnish Landrace chicken was brought to Finland at the start of the Christian era, and has been adapting to the country’s climate since. At one time, it was very common amongst poultry keepers, but as imported fowl came to the area the breeds' popularity declined, and most pure blooded fowl where crossed with the imports. By the 1960’s, the Finnish Landrace was thought to be extinct, but birds where discovered in the 1970’s.

Because the Finnish Landrace was well spread throughout Finland, the breed has certain lines (a group of birds breed in one location that has similar characteristics.) For example, the Hornoilainen is a Finnish Landrace from the village of Hornio. Other lines include the Piikkiöläinen, Alhon, Horniolainen, Saviaipaleen, Ilmajokelaine, Kiuruvetinen, Lindellin, littiläinen, Tyrnäväläinen, Jussilan, and Luumäkeläinen.

Today, the Finnish Landrace is extremely rare. There is a conservation program for the breed, operated by the MTT Agrifood Research of Finland.


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