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East Frisian Gull Chicken

Other name(s):
 Ostfriesische Moewe;
Ostfriesische Möwen

Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus

Country / Place of origin: Germany

History: The East Frisian Gull is a old landrace breed developed at the beginning of the 19th century. The breed was created in East and West Frisia, and Westfalia. The East Frisian Gull is thought to be closely related to the Brakel and Westphalian Totlegern. Its unique name comes from the chicks appearance being similar to that of Seagull chicks.

Over time, the East Frisian Gull became very popular, and spread throughout Lanover, Lüneburg, Minden, Osnabrück, and Stade. However, today the breed is endangered, with only approximately 1,000 birds birds registered in Germany.


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