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Dexter Cattle x Lowline Cattle Cross

Scientific name: Bos taurus

Country / Place of origin: Not known

History: Dexter Cattle are a small dual purpose breed which originated in Ireland. Dexters stand an average of only 44 inches at the shoulder.

Lowline Cattle are a selected strain of Angus Cattle bred for smaller stature and efficiency of red meat production. Mature Lowline bulls generally fall into a range of 40-48 inches measured at the shoulder.

The potential benefits of crossing Dexter cows with Lowline bulls is that you get a beefier animal which still can be used for small scale milk production. Also, the Dexter's horns are lost in the first generation of crossbreeding, and the Dexter x Lowline cross is a polled (hornless) cattle.

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Dexters are great old fashioned family cows; not as m...
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