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Berkshire Pig x Tamworth Pig Cross

Scientific name: Sus domestica

Country / Place of origin: Not known

History: Regarded as “Britain’s oldest pig breed,” the Berkshire was originally raised in the British county of Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), where they used to be large and of varied colors from black to red, sometimes with spots or white patches. Crossbreeding with Chinese and Siamese breeds led to smaller, typically black pigs with white markings.

The Tamworth Pig originated in the early 1800s in Tamworth, Staffordshire where local wild boar herds (said to be the Old English Forest pig) were interbred with “Irish Gazers” imported from Ireland. Today, Tamworth Pigs are a popular choice for cross-breeding because they are prepotent (able to pass their qualities to their offspring), and because the breed is more distantly related to modern domestic pigs than most other breeds.


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