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Scarlet-Chested Parakeet

Scarlet-Chested Parakeet

Species group:
 Australian Parakeets

Other name(s): Scarlet-chested Parrot;
Scarlet-chested Parrot; Orange-throated Parrot;
Splendid Parakeet; Splendid Grass-Parakeet

Scientific name: Neophema splendida


Details: The Scarlet-chested Parakeet is a gentle seed-eater that doesn't offer many behavior challenges. They also tend to be a hassle-free addition to the planted or mixed species aviary, and the colorful adult male is often called the most beautiful of the grass parakeets. They are somewhat more active than most of the other Neophemas, and a bird with clipped wings will run around on the floor, but they are relatively quiet. One warning: Their health is somewhat fragile, and they must not be exposed to cold or damp. There are several color mutations available, but they are regarded as even more delicate.

The natural wild form of the Scarlet-chested Parakeet is easy to sex. The adult males have blue faces and mostly green upper bodies, contrasting with the yellow undertail, yellow vent, and the vivid scarlet, orange, or orange-red breast. The females lack the dramatic breast color. Caution: The females can be easily confused with the female Turquoise Parakeet, N. pulchella.. Check the lores. It is a creamy color in the Turquoise female, while it's blue in the Scarlet-chested female.
Owners say:
pleasant, prolific breeders
regular green food, flight cage, quiet
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