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Russian Canary

Russian Canary

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Other name(s): Russian Singer Canary;
Russian Singing Canary

Scientific name: Serinus canaria domesticus


Details: To North Americans, the Russian Canary is a rare and little-known song canary bred for its ability to re-create and improve on the songs of many Northern European birds. Breeders focus first, last, and always on developing the best songs, rather than size or appearance. Therefore, most Russian Canaries tend to be smallish yellow or white birds. The important thing is a male bird's ability to learn the various special songs that have romantic names evocative of old Europe such as the Triple Titmouse, Large Titmouse, Small Titmouse, Yellow Bunting, the Tee, the Coo-lee, and the Depsit. Not content to merely copy the natural songs of the Buntings and other birds, Russian Canaries were further developed to add all sorts of trills and bells to the original melodies.
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I'm really happy with these birds. They are beautiful...
Review by: selsebilradi (1) September 25, 2015 09:30
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