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Pintail Whydah

Species group:
 Sparrows and Weavers

Other name(s): Pintail Whydah Finch;
Pintail Widow; Pintailed Whydah

Scientific name: Vidua macroura


Details: The beautiful but challenging Pintail Whydah is a bird for the expert breeder who enjoys a challenge. This African bird is closely related to the Weavers, but if you're expecting this species to create the intricate nest that most Weavers build, you're in for a shock. The Pintail is a parasitic species that lays its eggs in the nest of the Common Waxbill – not the easiest bird to breed in its own right. Therefore, to enjoy success with breeding Pintails, you need a very large aviary where you are successfully breeding Common Waxbills.

The sexes are very different. Like its relative the Weavers,females and out-of-season males are unimpressive birds that look much like small sparrows. However, the breeding season male is a snappy dresser indeed in his black and white plumage that includes a long black ribbonlike tail that more than doubles the length of the bird. His bill is a showy lipstick red.

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