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Jacobin Pigeon

Species group:
 Domestic (Fancy) Pigeons

Scientific name: Columba livia domestica


Details: The regal Jacobin Pigeon is a haughty, beautiful bird whose head is completely hidden behind its splendid hood of five to six inch long feathers. Although the fluffy feathers give the impression that the Jacobin is a much larger pigeon than it really is, the body is relatively tall and slim, with long wings and bare legs. This beautiful pigeon has obstructed vision because of the hood, and it needs some pampering compared to many varieties. Therefore, this lovely bird is often recommended to expert exhibitors with some experience breeding and showing the more challenging fancy pigeons. However, if you have a talented staff, that might work just as well, since it is claimed that Queen Victoria herself kept this variety.

The Jacobin Pigeon is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, yellow, blue, and silver. Two-toned birds, known as “splash,” are also available.
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