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Dusky Lory

Dusky Lory

Species group:
 Lories and Lorikeets

Other name(s): White-rumped Lory

Scientific name: Pseudeos fuscata


Details: The sharp-dressed, eye-catching Dusky Lory is a confident parrot that attracts admirers because of its energy, personality, and beauty. Properly socialized birds have been trained to fly to anyone to solicit treats or attention, and these beautiful yet friendly avian clowns can be rewarding pets for the well-motivated, well-financed individual. Alas, they can be impractical for the average person, since they demand an expensive, high maintenance lifestyle.

There are two color morphs that appear in nature – an orange and a yellow. The most common, the “Halloween” bird, has bright orange bands across the throat and breast. In the yellow morph, those bright bands are yellow instead of orange. Although even good authorities have used the word “phase” to describe these birds, they are not going through any phase, and a yellow bird will never grow out of it and turn orange, although Dusky Lories will develop a richer, deeper color as they get older. The yellow mutation appears to be a natural recessive trait, since two orange adults may have yellow youngsters.
Owners say:
affectionate, great parents, entertaining, playful birds
messy droppings, liquid diet, cleaning
high energy, fresh fruits, lory diets powder
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Dusky lories are high energy, playful birds. They are...
Review by: brdldybwk (1) February 18, 2012 12:23
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I love Pumpkin and his mate Shelly. After 20 years o...
Review by: Vickig14 (6) January 17, 2009 19:02
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