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Cut-Throat Finch

Cut-Throat Finch

Species group:
 Other Finches

Other name(s): Ribbon Finch;
Bearded Finch; Weaver Finch

Scientific name: Amadina fasciata


Details: The Cut-throat Finch is one of the most popular African finches of all time. This small, speckled brown bird stands out for one reason – the male's brilliant scarlet throat. The female lacks this marking, but some hint of the red ribbon can be seen on the male juveniles from an early age, making these birds easy to sex even when very young. However, because of some personality challenges, the Cut-throat Finch is usually recommended to the intermediate or expert breeder who already has some experience breeding other finches.
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Cut-throats were finches I didn't have much luck with...
Review by: angelatempest (50) January 16, 2014 06:36
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I've cared for Finchs off and on for years. I love ho...
Review by: kittypryde (35) November 15, 2012 17:56
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