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Channel-billed Toucan

Channel-billed Toucan

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Other name(s): Channel Bill Toucan

Scientific name: Ramphastos vitellinus vitellinus


Details: The species known to ornithologists as the Channel-billed Toucan, Ramphastos vitellinus, currently lumps together at least three former species, including the Yellow-ridged Toucan and the Citron-throated Toucan. The bird known to aviculturists as the Channel-billed Toucan is the nominate subspecies, R. v. vitellinus. This subspecies is relatively well-known as a pet and aviary specimen, so that's the subspecies we'll be discussing here. Like all toucans, they have special care requirements, so they are generally only recommended to people who have plenty of space and experience.

The Channel-billed Toucan is a black-backed toucan with a striking black bill with a blue band at the base, paired with more blue around the eyes. The throat and sides of the breast are snow-white, but the broad central area of the chest yellow-orange. As with most toucans, the males are larger and have longer bills.

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