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Carneau Pigeon

Species group:
 Domestic (Fancy) Pigeons

Other name(s): Red Carneau Pigeon;
White Carneau Pigeon

Scientific name: Columba livia domestica


Details: The Carneau Pigeon was developed in Northern France and Southern Belgium as a utility pigeon for eating as squab. Originally the Carneau were a very low maintenance pigeon that would fly freely in the fields. But over time, they were bred to be heavier and today they are the second largest domesticated pigeon after the King Pigeon.

The Carneau Pigeon is still raised for meat in France, the UK (particularly Scotland), and there is a growing market in Australia. In America the Carneau was cross-bred with the King Pigeon and then back-crossed to re-establish the breed. American Carneaus are typically 20% heavier than their European equivalents. Carneau chicks grow rapidly and by 30 days old they are half the weight of the adults (is is at this age they are typically sold for meat).

The red form of the bird, the Red Carneau, has traditionally been popular as a fancy, show pigeon. Today however, fanciers and hobbyists tend to prefer the white form and this is now overtaking the Red Carneau as the most frequently seen. The White Carneau makes a very smart show bird.
Owners say:
excellent house pets, brickcoloured birds, affectionate birds
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Best thing about them is their brick brown color. I r...
Review by: blackerr (7) January 02, 2015 04:02
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Whenever I see my pigeons,I adore them because of how...
Review by: qwertygal (0) March 12, 2014 19:18
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I love these brick-coloured birds... and if you have ...
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