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Greater Siren

Scientific name: Siren lacertina

Type: Newts / Salamanders

Habitat / Place of Origin: Greater Sirens can be found anywhere on the East Coast of North America, from Washington DC to Florida. They are fully aquatic and nocturnal, so they are not often seen. For the most part they burrow under mud, rocks and other debris to stay safe. They are found in most bodies of water including ditches, streams, rivers, lakes/ponds and swamps.

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Amaris Walcott
These creatures like to stay in damp, dark and cool a...
Review by: Amaris Walcott (33) July 12, 2012 20:30
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Habitat (1 video)
Greater Siren in 100 gallon
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Feeding (1 video)
Siren lacertina eating
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