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Pietrain Pig

Other name(s):
 Piétrain Pig

Scientific name: Sus domestica

Country / Place of origin: Belgium

History: The Pietrain Pig is a breed which was native to the village of Piétrain in Wallonia, Belgium. The Pietrain is famous for its high yield of lean meat, and it became a foundation breed in the early 1960s for Spain and Germany, Europe’s largest pork producing countries.

Until recently, the Pietrain was associated with the presence of the gene for Porcine Stress Syndrome, and for this reason the use of purebred Pietrain's in pig production has been relatively rare and the breed is most commonly found in crossbred and synthetic terminal sire lines. In 1995, a genetically modified Pietrain, called the Piétrain Réhal, has been available. This pig lacks the gene which causes Porcine Stress Syndrome.

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The bodybuilder pigs. very heavy muscled. doesn't alw...
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Pietrain AA65361 Terminal boar
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Pietrain Vol. 1 - Semen Cardona
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