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Miniature Alpine Goat

Other name(s):
 Mini Alpine

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus

Country / Place of origin: United States

History: The Miniature Alpine Goat is a cross between an Alpine Goat doe and a Nigerian Dwarf Goat buck. It retains the desirable characteristics of both original breeds, making it a popular breed, not just for its good-tasting milk and quality meat, but also as a pet and farm animal companion.

The Miniature Alpine is still an experimental breed but is registered with the International Dairy Goat Registry (IDGR) and the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA).

Owners say:
feedtomilk conversion ratio, perfect size, milk production
shampoos, lotions, soaps
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I raise mini-alpines for their milk production. I ma...
Review by: doublegoats (2) May 13, 2012 16:08
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Frstd Mini Goat
Miniature alpines are a cross between a Nigerian dwar...
Review by: Frstd Mini Goat (2) updated November 23, 2011 23:23
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Care / Feeding (1 video)
Mini Alpine goat babies
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Mini Alpine goat birth
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