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Crested Guinea Fowl

Other name(s):
 Crested Guineafowl

Scientific name: Guttera pucherani

Country / Place of origin: Africa

History: There are five subspecies of the highly successful Crested Guinea Fowl distributed across much of the wetter parts of the African continent. However, these striking birds are not seen as frequently in aviculture as the Helmeted and Vulturine Guinea Fowl, and since their care is similar to the Vulturine's, it might be advisable to get experience with the more available species first. One subspecies, Kenya Crested Guinea Fowl (G. p. pucherani), may eventually be accepted as a separate species. If so, this form will take the name G. pucherani, and the other four subspecies will probably be renamed Guttera edouardi. It's currently believed that most Cresteds in aviculture in the United States are in fact the Kenya Crested species or subspecies. A few G. p. edouardi, Edward's Crested Guinea Fowl, may remain in the U.S., but they are reportedly close to vanishing. If you obtain any of these rare birds, you are taking on a responsibility to help them recover for the enjoyment of future generations.


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