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Breda Chicken

Breda Chicken

Other name(s):
 Kraaikoppen; Grouse Breda;

Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus

Country / Place of origin: Netherlands

History: The Breda Chicken (Kraaikoppen) is an old breed from the Netherlands. It is depicted in 17th century Dutch Master paintings. The Kraaikoppen was named after the typical shape of the head, the head of which somewhat resembles a crow (Kraaikop). The bantam form was first exhibited in 1935 in the Netherlands.

The Kraaikoppen has many names, and is commonly referred to as the Breda in the USA.

Owners say:
visually arresting birds
missing foot feather, 19th century reenactor, poultry preservationist, lap pets
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As a poultry preservationist, these visually arrestin...
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