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Ringneck Dove

Ringneck Dove

Species group:
 Exotic Doves and Pigeons

Other name(s): Ring-Necked Dove;
Barbary Dove; Ring Dove; Sacred White Dove; Domestic Ringneck Dove; Laughing Dove
(also used for a different species)

Scientific name: Streptopelia risoria


Details: The graceful Ring-necked Dove is a domesticated species that has a long history of being bred in captivity. The white mutation is the most popular, but there are at least 40 mutations, including pied, pink, peach, blond, tangerine, and many more. This gentle, inexpensive, and hardy dove can make a great beginner's pet, while breeding the color mutations can be an involving hobby for the expert seeking a challenge. A cooperative and attractive white mutation has gained fame as the popular magician's dove. Alas, the half-collar or “ring neck” is not a identification tool, since several other species possess this field mark, creating endless confusion. However, if it's a domesticated ring-neck pigeon species, this is the bird.

Be aware that Ring-necked Doves have little or no homing instinct. The white doves released in ceremonies should be white Homer Racing Pigeons, so that the birds will know how to safely return to their loft at the conclusion of their flight. It would be irresponsible to release white Ring-necked Doves into the wild, as their likely fate would be to become a predator's meal.
Owners say:
affectionate, sweetest, beginner bird ringneck, different colors, beautiful cooing, hardy bird
health problems, draft free area, finicky eaters, surprisingly messy, occasional rebel female, big cage
beautiful tangerine pearl, poor nest builders, dove seed mix, wonderful relaxation therapy
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4.2 (24)
My Dove that just died was very affectionate & loved ...
Review by: Carolann (0) 12 days ago
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I had a pair of ring-necked doves a few years back. T...
Review by: gilliansochor (13) May 07, 2014 11:26
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On our bird farm, we had many Ring Neck Doves that we...
Review by: kenmorecare (22) May 05, 2014 13:12
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Their songs early in the mornings were a pleasant way...
Review by: Suchen (21) updated March 04, 2014 23:24
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I've always liked birds and owned cockatiels in the p...
Review by: Nocturnal_Muse (7) updated February 14, 2014 14:33
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