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European Bullfinch

European Bullfinch

Species group:
 Exotic Songbirds

Other name(s): Eurasian Bullfinch;
Bullfinch; Common Bullfinch; Bully

Scientific name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula


Details: The beautiful Bullfinch has been trained as a songbird for hundreds of years, thanks to its ability to pick up tunes and whistles from human teachers. It is probably one of the most highly respected European finches, but its diet of tree buds caused it to be banned from importation into the United States as a potential orchard pest. Today, it is something of a forgotten gem rarely encountered in America.

A male Bullfinch, once seen, is not easily forgotten. It is a strong, stocky-looking finch with a black head and bill that contrasts dramatically with the rosy underparts. Females are noticeably duller, with a soft gray replacing the deep rose.
Owners say:
brilliant red breast, voracious appetite, colourful vocal qualities, extremely attractive bird
typical stocky bullfinch, hyperactive personality
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I am a prejudiced in favour of Bullfinches as they ha...
Review by: angelatempest (50) January 15, 2014 04:07
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Taking its name from its characteristic stocky shaped...
Review by: symbioticnature (6) November 26, 2013 05:54
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