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Iberian Ribbed Newt

Other name:
 Spanish Ribbed Newt;
Sharp Ribbed Newt

Scientific name: Pleurodeles waltl

Type: Newts / Salamanders

Habitat / Place of Origin: Pleurodeles waltl is native to cool, clean, and deep pools of water and streams in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The Iberian Ribbed Newt can be found in a array of aquatic environments as these newts generally are fully aquatic. They are rarely on land unless migrating because their pool of water has dried up or has become inhabitable. Some may burrow in the mud and remain there in aestivation until the next rainfall.

According to the BBC, "When attacked, the Spanish ribbed newt pushes out its ribs until they pierce through its body, exposing a row of bones that act like poisonous barbs. The newt has to force its bones through its skin every time it is attacked, say scientists, who have described the form and function of the barbs in detail. "When teased or attacked by a predator, [the newt] secretes a poisonous milky substance on to the body surface. The combination of the poisonous secretion and the ribs as 'stinging' tools is highly effective," says Heiss. The impact on any predator can be striking, particularly if they try to bite the newt or pick it up using their mouth."

Owners say:
good water conditions, messy eaters
orange wartlike structures
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Bertha was a great pet--we were a little wired about ...
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The Spanish Ribbed Newt is so named because they're c...
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Pleurodeles waltl
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Spanish Ribbed Newt
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Pleurodeles waltl Feeding
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P. waltl Feeding
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Albino Spanish Ribbed Newt
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P. waltl larvae
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